This painting is available as Note Cards.

triangles, acrylic on mdf, 7" x 5"

“Triangles” Acrylic on MDF, 7″ x 5″

Triangles is the 2nd in my series of “Gatti Liberi” (Free Cats—or strays as we sometimes think of them). I met Triangles on Halloween night almost two years ago.We became friends. She greeted me each morning when I brought her food, and she returned each evening to chatter and play. After my heart surgery, she often walked up and down the sidewalk with me each day to hasten my recovery. About two months ago, we enjoyed the evening and the next day she was gone, and has not returned. There isn’t anything harder than saying goodbye to a friend. Nevertheless, I wish I’d known to say goodbye to Triangles that night.


triangles note card

“Triangles” Note Card

This painting is available as Note Cards (4-1/4 x 5-1/2″). Note Cards can be viewed and/or purchased here: “Triangles” Note Cards (Secure Zazzle page will open in new tab.)

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