Destiny and Her Mustang

“Destiny and Her Mustang” 8 in. x 8 in. Colored Pencil on Black Bristol Board

We all grow by doing the difficult things. At first, I turned down this commission due to health problems. I regretted that decision the same day. Destiny Boyce is a remarkable young person about to enter high school. She stands here with her handsome Colorado Mustang, Tebow. Tebow was adopted years ago through a Bureau of Land Management program, semi-wild at the time. His then owners provided basic training, then put him out to pasture for a decade. He doesn’t like the rider being in charge, and is still unpredictable. With love and considerable grit, Destiny began training him just four months ago, and though he still needs more hands on, Tebow has recently won awards, and is happy to follow Destiny anywhere she goes– which will be far indeed. “Destiny and Her Mustang,” 8 x 8 inches, colored pencil on black Bristol board.