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Father and Child

father and child

“Father and Child” 6x6in. Acrylic on MDF.

I began work on this painting over a decade ago. When my hand tremor appeared, I quit painting. But I revisited the pencil version of this piece over the years to make minor changes to it because I was not satisfied with it. It was originally 24″ x 24″. After a number of revisions, I painted this tiny version, and I’m satisfied with it.

The “style” is a combination of Ancient Egyptian art, Graphic Design, Art Deco, and Art Naive— and it’s my favorite style to work in. I developed this approach in the mid 1980s. But I expect this is the last piece I’ll do in this style; the hard edges are too difficult do with a trembling hand. Yes, the image is riddled with unintended symbolism (I’ve no idea how that happened).