Greek Fisherman’s Cap

greek fisherman's cap, acrylic on mdf, 5" x 7"

“Greek Fisherman’s Cap” Acrylic on MDF, 5″ x 7″

I realized, suddenly, that I’d lost my cap! I’d enjoyed lunch a few hours earlier at a restaurant on Rue Cler, in Paris, and after I checking everywhere, I finally decided I must have left it in the restaurant. I went back and in very broken French, I asked the maitre d’ if he had come across my cap after I’d left. He gestured for me to “wait here.” In a moment, he returned, with a waiter and the chef. The chef, between the other two, was holding my cap in both hands, and as he handed it to me, he bowed slightly, saying, “Here is your hat, captain!” And they all 3 saluted me. Well, I had to stay for dinner there, you know? (I no longer smoke, but the pipe goes back to the ’70s when I first tried to quit cigarettes.)

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