Following the Sun

“Following the Sun” 5x7in. Acrylic on MDF.

“Following The Sun” A colored pencil drawing of my 14-year-old kitty, Paris, who spends her mornings and afternoons following the splash of sunlight around the living room. She’s my sole companion at home, and thinks of me as a “cat with a can opener.” Her outside friend, a stray named Snowberry, lives on the front porch and Paris tells me whenever Snowberry is hungry. I’m not sure how she knows. I’ve not worked with colored pencil for a couple of decades– I once used them to do advertising art “roughs” and “comps,” but not for fine art. Painting and drawing is difficult for me lately, so I’m looking to gain insight into new approaches to drawing and painting by working in colored pencil. This is my first effort to learn by working in colored pencil. I used a single Prismacolor pencil (cream “PC914”) on a scrap of the black cover of an old Bienfang drawing pad. Smooth surface. Difficult to erase if I mess up, so I tried not to mess up.