Danny Boy

"Danny Boy" Acrylic on MDF, 11" x 5"

“Danny Boy” Acrylic on MDF, 11″ x 5″

I began music by learning violin in the orchestra class. In my school, you couldn’t take band till 6th grade, when I switched to tenor sax. Then I got an alto sax, a St. George 12-string guitar, and in my senior year in high school, for fun, I learned a little trumpet, flute, clarinet, and balalaika. Very little, but fun. My 8th grade band director turned 85 this year. He taught me swing music, and yes, he still has a band. I still keep a couple of saxes and a clarinet around. But today, I mostly play a guitar I borrowed 15 years ago and meant to return. I can’t say which type of music I like best, but I have concert tickets for Bob Dylan in a few weeks. I’ve been attending his concerts since 1966.