Painting, Drawing and Sharing

palette and paintArt (painting and drawing, in my case) is among a few human endeavors that have changed little throughout history. Like music, dance, and storytelling, art’s primary purpose has always been to please the gods, to ensure long life, health, and for the secret pleasure that comes with doing it. I’ve created art since childhood for the very same reasons as my ancient ancestors did, and I can only hope I’ve pleased the gods along the way.

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Purchase original paintings at my Daily Paintworks gallery (see direct link listed with each painting or go to: Daily Paintworks Gallery).

Gatti Liberi is a collection of items featuring my paintings of several of the gatti liberi (free cats) that I’ve taken care of in recent years. Some are strays, some feral, and others are abandoned pets. They live in sunshine and in snow storms, as both predator and prey, and are as healthy as they can keep themselves.

I’m a commercial artist as well as a fine artist. I have been a commercial artist/graphic designer since 1970 (primarily freelance). For commercial art and graphic design services, visit: Mike Daymon Design

In addition to these endeavors, I’ve been privileged to teach commercial art/graphic design in both public and private colleges for 36 years (evenings, of course), creating entire courses in traditional techniques and later for digital design and production.