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Eagles and Eaglets

“Eagles and Eaglets” 7″ x 5″, Acrilic on MDF

“Eagles and Eaglets” After watching this unusual family of eagles raise three newborns to fledglings this spring, in spite of the loss and hardships they’ve endured over the years, I decided to commit an act of art in their honor. Here they all are, three parents and three eaglets.


Pasture by the River

photo of painting "pasture by the river"
“Pasture by the River” 7in. x 5in. Prismacolor pencil on paper, mounted on Letramax single-weight illustration board.

A small river can be very relaxing, especially if there are a few cattle grazing in the distance in a pasture on the opposite bank. This pencil drawing is a preliminary sketch for a possible painting. A quick colored pencil sketch is a great way to capture the moment, or key aspects, for later reference in the studio. But in this case, my sketch is not done so quickly; it’s more “finished,” which allows me to better understand how I might best approach the painting.

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So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams, 1949)

so lonesome i could cry, hank williams 1949

“So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams, 1949)” 5x7in. Acrylic on MDF.

A cold, early, shadowless spring day in the Rockies, nothing much going on outside except for this lonesome robin. Probably scouting nesting areas. Reminded me at once of the old Hank Williams classic song, “So Lonesome I Could Cry,” in which he asks, “Did you ever see a robin weep?” I learned about Hank Williams as a kid from my mother. He was her favorite– she even helped get him an early gig in her little town when she was a teen. Mother’s Day was not far off, but Mom has been gone for a couple of years now. I painted this in her memory. The poor robin had ten more weeks of intermittent freezing weather, with our last snowstorm on May 18-19.